How to photograph people : Part 2 Choosing the Best Angle.

Most people find one side of their face photographs better than the other. Before starting to photograph a person ask them to look first to the left then to the right and straight ahead. 

Decide upon which side is the most flattering. If you are unsure, just ask them to repeat the exercise again until you really can see which angle suits them the best. They will thank you for it! 

Some people look best just looking straight at you rather than at an angle. 
You can also shoot three pictures of different sides and ask the person to which angle they prefer to be photographed. This is can be a good icebreaker . 
If a double chin looks like a problem, stand on a stool and look downwards to minimise the chin. Also asking the person to place their hand naturally under their chin will  have a slimming effect. 
Wide faces, long noses, crooked noses, these are all small details that you need to be aware of and take into considerations when you choose the best angle for your subject. 
Half the work is getting them to show you all their different sides, with a laugh and a smile. 
If people have one eye smaller than the other, have the smallest eye nearest to the lens. The other way around and you will just accentuate the unevenness. 
The more you train your eye to see, the more awareness you will develop. 
Everybody wants to look their best in front of the camera, so spend a little extra time observing before you really start shooting.