Milestones in your children's lives.



Many of the families that come through into my studio I have known for a long time. Parents tend to bring their children in as babies and as they grow they usually want to capture the child at different stages of development. So I may see them every year or so until they reach a certain age.

This age is often eleven or twelve. Recently I have been thinking about this stage of a childs life. I remember my own daughter at this age and how she transformed as she got older and shed her childish ways. One moment she was wearing pigtails and dungarees, and the next she was at secondary School with makeup on and sporting a very different look. At the time I did not think to photograph her aged ten or eleven as I could not predict how she would change, but now I look back and wish I had caught her then, at that time, before she changed beyond recognition.

Three siblings with their pet Rabbit!

When teenagers become adults, when they are eighteen nineteen or twenty, this is an interesting stage in life and a wonderful time to be photographed. It is a bit of a milestone for young people, just before they go to university or go away on a gap year. They are leaving home to embark on their own adventures – there is a sense of excitement for them and this makes for a great image.

I love taking photos of young people at this age and I consider myself privileged to be able to do so. It is so important to try and express the person they are becoming and I aim to tune into their mood, character and personality, who they are, at that particular moment in time.

Vibeke x