Paris Photo 2013


By Vibeke Dahl12. December 2013 

Julian and I try to get to the Paris Photo fair every year to get inspired. This year we made it over. In 2013, the international event comprised of 136 galleries, ranging from groups of collectors to all the new and avant- garde from the world of fine art photography. Paris Photo is set in the fabulous 'Grand Palais' on the Champs Eylees -the historical home to many of the great art gatherings of Paris. The giant glass roof really does make an impressive space for displaying photography as the light reflects off the works in interesting ways.

One of my favourite images from the event was this one by Sarah Moon. Sarah started out as a fashion photographer and over the years her work has become more and more iconic. This is probably down to her individualistic style and experimentation with grainy film effects.



It was also interesting to see how contemporary photographers are using digital technology to really create what they want to see; photos are made into 'composites', rather than just capturing a moment in time.  

We had a great trip staying in our usual lovely hotel La Perle. La Perle can be found in the 6th arrondissement of the city, next to the beautiful Abbey of Saint Germain des Pres. As per usual, we saw and spoke to the hotel's receptionist 'Ted', and we told him all about the Photo fair. This time, he seemed to be a little more talkative than usual, especially when he found out that we were photographers! Eventually Ted revealed to us that he is himself a fashion photographer and only works in the hotel to 'pay the bills', all these years he had kept it quiet. Ted informed us he works with none other thanRankin when he is not hoteling and that he is originally from Scotland!

We did also manage to find another English person to speak to at Paris photo. Julian immediately struck up a conversation. After the mandatory card swapping, the man walked away, only to come running back to us exclaiming that he had in fact, already met us and been to our house. It turns out that his children have been having their portraits taken by me since 1996 and he had been in our house, three times! Of all the people to coincidentally meet in Paris... 

You can see all of the photos I took in Paris via my facebook page here

Have a great Christmas from all of us at Dahl Photography.

Vibeke x